My First Lesson

We are here to help

It is normal to feel anxious about your first martial arts lesson. The hardest thing you will ever do in martial arts, is walk in the front door for the first time and start training. Be aware that everyone is nervous the first time they walk into a martial arts centre. It is normal to question or doubt yourself about your abilities. For example, will I be able to punch or kick properly? You don't need to worry about this. You will not be the only beginner in the class, and every one of our students started by asking themselves the same questions you are asking yourself. Just remember, we were all beginners once!

We train in a friendly atmosphere, and are always there to help.

Why Us?

  • Friendly Instructors
  • Friendly Environment
  • Free First Lesson
  • Free Private Parking
  • On a Popular Bus Route
  • Pay As You Go Lessons
  • No Contracts

What to bring on your first lesson:

Comfortable Clothing

Shorts or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt or vest will be ok. Wear old clothes because they may get ripped and/or stretched. Try to avoid anything with zips, buttons, or anything that could cause injury.

Water Bottle

It is a good idea to bring a drink with you, preferably water. Try to avoid fizzy drinks as these will leave you feeling bloated while training.


Bring a towel. You may need it if you start to sweat, and it's not very pleasant to have sweat go into your eyes.


If you are diabetic, have an inhaler or any other medication that you may need while training. please bring that with you as a precaution.